Course Description
  Violence Interdiction: A Proactive Approach to Mitigating Conflict

For law enforcement professionals, interdiction is often associated with a “no-nonsense, we-mean-business” approach to high-profile issues that threaten public safety such as illicit drugs, human trafficking and terrorism. Yet the escalating cycles of violence that law enforcement in our nation’s communities deal with on a daily basis are rarely addressed with the same tough, interdiction mind-set. VCPI’s Violence Interdiction: A Proactive Approach to Mitigating Conflict is about to change that.

Violence Interdiction: A Proactive Approach to Mitigating Conflict is an innovative course designed to equip law enforcement professionals with the practical skills and knowledge necessary to tackle escalating violence through a proactive and tough interdiction approach based on crime prevention principles. Through interactive discussions, participants will explore conflict, threat assessment, potential resolution strategies, violence prevention, intelligence gathering, and a variety of policing tools to navigate the interdiction process. This training shatters the notion that law enforcement is limited to responding to conflict only after it has escalated to violence. Instead, it highlights and examines the opportunities that law enforcement has to intervene prior to escalation and delineates the tangible steps to identify, assess and manage threats that may help prevent violence from occurring at all. Concepts covered in this course are applicable for all criminal justice disciplines, including law enforcement patrol, crime prevention specialists, corrections, probation and parole, courts and more.

This course is offered as a tuition-free, 2-day Instructor Development Program (IDP) designed specifically for experienced law enforcement instructors that regularly engage in law enforcement training. Participants in this program will not only receive instruction in the course content but will also be prepared to deliver the curriculum as part of their training responsibilities and assignments. Participants will receive comprehensive instructional materials designed in a flexible, modular format to be presented during local in-service programs, squad training sessions, or even at roll call.

Participating trainers must obtain supervisor endorsement, acknowledging and approving an instructional commitment of at least one program in their locality during the following year. Ideal candidates include law enforcement officers/trainers with, at a minimum:
• instructional experience;
• current training responsibilities within their agency or academy; and
• basic knowledge of police patrol tactics and crime prevention.

This is a tuition-free program funded through the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance.

Registration is available at Do not delay; seats are very limited and are anticipated to fill quickly. Due to the limited number of seats available in this program, registration is open to a maximum of three (3) instructors from any single agency.
Upon registering for the course you will be emailed a commitment form. This form is to be completed by your Chief, Sheriff or Agency Head and sent to VCPI within 10 days of registration. The form provides the required assurances that the participant in this instructor development program will be given ample opportunity to provide instruction of this program to his or her organization within one year of completing the training and that the trainer will provide data on the trainings conducted to VCPI as required under the grant funding.

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