The Virginia Center for Policing Innovation (VCPI) is a 501 (c) 3 organization committed to advancing public safety by providing unparalleled training and services for law enforcement professionals and the communities they serve.

VCPI hopes to bring all those we work with to:


1.  The knowledge or practical wisdom gained from what one has observed, encountered or undergone. 2. An exciting or noteworthy event that one experiences firsthand.


1.  To grow personally and develop professionally. 2. To reach beyond all expectations and become your best self.


1.  To spread or stretch out. 2. To think beyond the norm, surpassing all expectations.

By encouraging those dedicated to public safety to Experience.   Expand.   Excel., VCPI is helping to build safer communities nationwide. You can be a part of this effort. VCPI invites you to participate by donating funds to support our programs.

Won't you invest in your community?

Donations to VCPI are tax deductible as defined by existing law. If you are interested in making a charitable contribution, you may do so by using a check or a credit card. Please make checks payable to the Virginia Center for Policing Innovation and send to VCPI at 413 Stuart Circle, Suite 200, Richmond, VA 23220. Please be sure to indicate "donation" on the check.

What others are saying about VCPI's programs

Practical training, detailed and drawn from experience. Not full of questionable "grand" theories, but rooted in simple principles.