Christine Bryce

Curriculum Developer/Instructional Design Specialist
Direct line: 804.528.5009

Christine Bryce joined Virginia Center for Policing Innovation (VCPI) full time in April 2018 as Curriculum Developer/Instructional Design Specialist. She develops and designs curriculum for local, state, and national training initiatives.

Prior to joining VCPI, Christine worked as a part-time professor in the Criminal Justice program at Virginia Commonwealth University since 2004. She came to VCU as an adjunct professor while working full time as a Computer Forensic Investigator for the Virginia State Police. Prior to her work in computer forensics, she was a Virginia State Police Academy Instructor.

A published author, Christine has written numerous chapters for several textbooks and scholarly journals as well as presented guest lectures to community groups in her areas of interest. Christine’s research interests include digital crime, mental health issues in the criminal justice system, community corrections, aging prison populations and long-term care needs, parenting the internet, and writing and rhetoric in government and public affairs. She holds a B.S.W. from Virginia Commonwealth University and a M.A. from the University of Richmond. Additionally, she has completed certifications in: Security Training, Advanced Data Recovery and Analysis (National White-Collar Crime Center,) I-Look Computer Forensics Training (National White-Collar Crime Center,) PDA Seizure and Forensics Training (Paraben,) EnCase EnCE training (Guidance Software,) Computer Forensics using I-Look (Northeast Counterdrug Training Center,) International Operations Security Specialist Training School (Naval Post Graduate School,) and a variety of Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services training and certification classes.