Ethical Decision Making: Policing with Principled Insight Video

As part of this groundbreaking national initiative, VCPI has produced a brief video that captures the essence of the program and challenges viewers to reconnect with the choices, responsibilities and opportunities that build strong and safe communities. Focusing on the principles of community policing, the video prompts police officers as well as community members to consider their own unique obligations related to public safety.

Appropriate for use in training, community outreach, or simply as a thought provoking social-media post, the EDM:PPI Video can be viewed on the VCPI site or downloaded for use by police agencies, community groups and all those involved in community policing efforts.

Click on the video icon below to watch the EDM:PPI Video

Click here to download the EDM:PPI Video

Although the video may illicit a wide range of reactions depending on viewers’ personal experiences, the following may be key questions for law enforcement and community members to consider after watching the video:

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