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Program Partners

VCPI would like to thank several individuals and agencies who served as key partners in the development and implementation of the Judicial Security Specialist Development Program (JSSDP):

First, we would like to acknowledge and thank United States District Court Judge Henry E. Hudson. Throughout his distinguished career that included service as a Commonwealth Attorney, Virginia Circuit Court Judge, Director of the United States Marshals Service and an Arlington County Deputy Sheriff, Judge Hudson has always been an advocate for advancing judicial security. It is his vision and dedication that has made the JSSDP a reality.

The Virginia Sheriff’s Association or VSA, is the organization representing Virginia's elected Sheriffs and their deputies. As such, the VSA continuously advocates for the men and women of Virginia’s law enforcement, and the advancement of the criminal justice process, to include the improvement of judicial security. As a long-term partner and supporter of VCPI, the VSA has been absolutely instrumental in the efforts to create, develop, and deliver the JSSDP to Virginia’s court security personnel.

The Virginia Attorney General’s Office is the agency that provided the funding for the development and delivery of the JSSDP. Without their willingness to fund this initiative and their commitment to improving judicial security in Virginia, the JSSDP would not be a reality.

As part of the initial JSSDP development, VCPI needed a local partner to bring the initiative to life. That partner was the Petersburg Sheriff's Office. Under the leadership of Sheriff Vanessa Crawford, the Petersburg Sheriff’s Office administered the funding for the JSSDP and has proven to be an outstanding partner in the continuing efforts to bring the JSSDP to Virginia’s court security personnel.

The United States Marshals Service (USMS) has been a vital partner in the creation of the JSSDP. In addition to providing guidance and direction in the development process, the USMS has been an outstanding source of subject-matter expertise and curriculum content for the program.


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