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Tactical Community Policing for Homeland Security

Length: 16 or 24 hours

Too often, shattering images of tragic events, violent attacks and bombings are what many think of when considering homeland security and terrorism. Yet, effective homeland security looks nothing like those terrifying images and instead is the picture of law enforcement and communities working in partnership to be vigilant, resilient, and strong. At its core, effective homeland security is the proactive and tactical practice of community policing. Based on this simple but powerful premise, Tactical Community Policing for Homeland Security delves into the merits of community policing as a means of thwarting and strategically interdicting terrorism. This 2-day course explores Community Partnerships; Practical Problem Solving Strategies; Proactive Prevention, Intervention and Interdiction Strategies; and Values Based Policing in the Climate of Terrorism.

This course can also be offered in a 3-day Instructor Development Program format upon request.


This interactive program is ideal for all law enforcement professionals regardless of rank or assignment, who work in a thriving community policing environment.

Participant Feedback:

“This program takes worldwide, large scale, terrorist attack ideology and translates it to small town USA, changing the way law enforcement thinks. All good information.”

“The professionalism was phenomenal, remarkable. Great group of instructors. Very knowledgeable. They made learning and keeping your interest the top of their game. The time flew by.”

“Terrorism and community policing – two concepts I know, but never put together. It was interesting how this class combined the two and it makes sense!”

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