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VCPI proudly administers the Virginia Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) program, a powerful service which plays a critical role in the personal safety plan of tens of thousands of Virginians.

Imagine you are a victim of crime. The offender is arrested and taken to jail, but in spite of the arrest you don't feel safe. When will he or she be released? How will you know? Will your safety be jeopardized?

VINE allows crime victims and other concerned citizens to obtain timely and reliable information about the current status of an inmate in all of Virginia’s local and regional jails 24 hours a day:



Watch these videos to learn more about VINE.

How to Use Virginia VINE:

100% of Virginia’s local and regional jails participate in the VINE program. Victims and other concerned citizens can register to be notified immediately upon a change in an inmate's status such as transfer, release or escape. VINE is confidential. The offender will not know you are registered with VINE.

There are several, easy ways to register:
  1. At the time of the offender's arrest, call Virginia VINE at 1-800-467-4943, visit, download the VINEmobile™ app, or click here and follow the instructions to access custody information.
  2. If the offender is in custody, you can register to receive notifications by phone or email about the status of the inmate. You will be notified about the following events:
    • Release
    • Transfer
    • Escape
    • Death
  3. In addition to receiving notifications by phone or email, VINE also gives you the ability to access information on the offender's custody status any time you want or need to know, 24 hours a day. VINE offers a mobile app that is available for android and ios devices. VINEmobile™ is the mobile app version of VINE, allowing victims to search and register for offender custody status updates from their mobile device.

Help Create Awareness of VINE:

Virginia VINE is a powerful tool, but only if people are aware of the program. Awareness begins with you, your community, and your organization! Won't you assist VCPI in spreading the word and ensuring that every citizen is aware of the value VINE brings to a victim's personal safety plan?

  1. Follow Virginia VINE on Facebook to view and share information with family and friends in your social network. like-us-vine orange
  2. Contact VCPI to request printed copies of VINE brochures, or to obtain additional information about ways to create awareness of VINE in your community.
  3. Download VINE brochures for your organization:
    • Click here for the Virginia VINE informational brochure.
    • Click here for the Virginia VINE informational brochure in Spanish.
  4. View and share these VINE testimonials:
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