Host Requirements

This Instructor Development training is supported through funding by the USDOJ, COPS Office, which means there are no fees to host these events or to attend as participants. VCPI’s goal is to make the host organization’s experience smooth and simple. We provide secure online registration services 24/7 via our website, so the host organization does not have to collect or manage participant enrollment.

The following are the basic requirements to host:

  • Provide a classroom (or similar setting) with movable seating and work tables to accommodate 50 participants for 4 days (3 days for the IDP training and 1 day prior for set-up).
  • Provide audio-visual equipment for use throughout the IDP event, including at minimum, a large projection screen, projector and sound system.
  • Provide access to on-site parking and refreshment/vending areas.
  • Help VCPI and the COPS Office promote the event locally and regionally.

About the Course

The Community Policing— Improving Police Efficacy and Building Trust Instructor Development Program (IDP) is a 20-hour, facilitator-led course that explores how change, emerging issues, and threats are necessitating a commitment to the key components of community policing: partnerships, organizational transformation, and problem-solving.

The course includes an examination of the current state of policing—both locally and nationally— addressing the current and emerging issues that challenge the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies and the well-being of the communities they serve. The challenges faced by law enforcement are often part of a “cycle of dysfunction” that left unchecked can have devastating long-term impacts on police practitioners, their agencies, and entire communities.

Throughout the course, participants examine racial profiling–related policy issues, the ineffectiveness of racial profiling in enforcement activities, and the costly impact of racial profiling (real or perceived) on the community. Focusing on ways to achieve legitimacy through a demonstrated commitment to procedural justice, the course encourages participants to develop and employ more functional patrol techniques that increase cooperation from community members, increase efficiency in arrests and seizure activity, and decrease liability associated with complaints.

The core curriculum challenges participants to explore the principles and practices of community policing as a means of achieving the public safety mission with greater efficiency by gaining and maintaining public trust and engaging the community in the shared responsibility of effective policing.

As an IDP, this course prepares participating instructors to deliver the core curriculum to law enforcement practitioners, criminal justice and public safety professionals, and community partners in an efficient, consistent, and measurable manner. IDP participants receive comprehensive instructional materials, lesson plans, and resources to use as they implement the training within their local organizations and/or communities.

VCPI offers an extensive library of instructor resources.

Violence Interdiction

Operation Partnership: Trends and Practices in Law Enforcement and Private Security Collaborations

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