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Basic Spanish for Corrections Personnel

Basic Spanish for Corrections Personnel

Survival Spanish for Law Enforcement

Length: 36 hours

Basic Spanish for Corrections Personnel is a 36-hour/5-day Spanish language-acquisition course designed to give non-Spanish-speaking corrections personnel a working knowledge of fundamental Spanish that is applicable to specific job duties.

The course begins with an introduction to Hispanic culture that emphasizes the importance of understanding how cultural values affect communication. Throughout the training, participants will learn and practice how to pronounce and use basic vocabulary in situations similar to those they might face with Spanish-speaking inmates within a correctional facility.

This highly interactive course introduces participants to the verbal commands involved in collecting information, handling tactical situations, communicating rules and regulations, conducting medical assessments and booking procedures. The course content for each module builds on information covered in previous modules; therefore, attendance is mandatory each day.


This course is ideal for corrections personnel who, in the course of their duties, have contact with Spanish-speaking inmates. Prior Spanish training is not required.

Participant Feedback:

“I thought the class and the instructors were both top notch. I have never been to a more enjoyable yet challenging training. I have worked at the local, state, and federal levels and have participated in hundreds of trainings and this one by far was the best."

"I honestly feel that this class was very helpful and there isn't much that can be done to improve it because it's already great. I learned more in four days than in three years of high school."

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