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Interview and Interrogation

Interview and Interrogation

Interview and Interrogation

Interview and Interrogation

Length: 8 hours

Interview and Interrogation is a one-day, must-attend training program for officers wanting to expand their success with confessions and investigations. The course includes a review of communication basics, context and relational components, verbal and non-verbal communication. Participants will learn verbal and non-verbal symptoms of deception and how to incorporate kinesics, verbal analysis and a behavioral analysis interview to identify guilt and innocence. Participants will also explore the differences between interviews and interrogations and how to prepare for each.

The course focuses on strengthening existing skills and developing new ones through an examination of interview and interrogation techniques such as the Reid Technique, statement analysis, and other approaches that have been successful to investigators. Participants will benefit from the exploration of the current concerns with false confessions and how to stay clear of legal issues associated with interviews and interrogations.


This course is ideal for both new and experienced officers, detectives, and investigators.

Participant Feedback:

“Very realistic and pertinent information, useful both on the street and in interviews. Delivered incredibly well with the most important aspects covered. By far the best in-service class ever taken.”

“Practical training, detailed and drawn from experience. Not full of questionable "grand" theories, but rooted in simple principles.”


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The class ranks with the best I have ever taken. The information was awesome and the instructors were incredibly knowledgeable. They engaged the audience well and kept people interested and entertained with relevant and useful videos and examples.
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